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Welcome to Grace


We are glad you found your way to Grace and we hope you experience the good news of Jesus each time you’re here! Most organizations (including churches) have one or two things they do really well. We believe our one thing is consistently communicating the hope of the Gospel in a way that opens the door wide for many different people to hear this transforming truth.

The physical building and the culture at Grace are unique and we hope this section will offer explanation and information for your time here. This may be your first visit or you may consider this your church home; either way we want to communicate clearly what our family is about and why we do what we do.

Many newcomers notice the gallery. Grace celebrates the arts because we worship THE Creator, the original artist, who created us in his image. The gallery was designed to be an outreach to this incredibly artistic community with whom we live, work and play. We hope you enjoy the art and that this outreach will continue building bridges and relationships with the artists in our area.

If it wasn’t the gallery, it was probably the Gathering Grounds Cafe that caught your attention. The Cafe serves as an “ice breaker” and a warm welcome for everyone who walks in the front door. The cafe runs on donations collected in clearly marked boxes.

Our building isn’t a typical church building and our auditorium isn’t a typical “sanctuary”. We believe the church isn’t a building; it’s a group of people who express and share a faith in Christ. Our building is used for many purposes: worship services, theatre performances, concerts, large gatherings, etc. This belief frees us to have an appropriate respect for the space, but not a reverence.

One more thing. You may notice that we don’t pass an offering plate during the service. We want to open the door wide to people from all spiritual backgrounds and experiences. Offerings and donations often carry with them distrust or a sense of guilt and obligation. We believe that giving is an act of worship, from a heart responding with gratitude to God’s gracious mercy, generosity and rescue. Practically, that means we put offering boxes in convenient spots and trust God to provide through the obedient and sacrificial giving of our family.

We hope the information in this section is helpful to you as you get to know us. Thanks for taking the time to read it and please feel free to ask questions along the way.

Ministry at Grace is divided into 7 core areas: Worship & Arts, Discipleship, Communities, Youth, Children, Mercy and Missions. Use the index below to find a brief explanation of each ministry area and see some video that will show how each ministry has had an impact for the gospel.  You will also find the staff member or lay leader that oversees each ministry area and contact information.