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Discipleship Philosophy of Ministry

GCC discipleship

Gospel Perspective

Discipleship focuses on personal spiritual renewal and establishing biblical foundations; the intention is to help grow our personal understanding of biblical Christianity and how the Gospel radically changes our perspectives and hearts. Our perspective creates a growing dependency on Christ, freedom to wrestle with questions and doubts, and see change in our lives as a result of the Holy Spirit’s work.

Gospel Practice

Discipleship focuses on how the Gospel propels us outward as it impacts our various relationships and transforms our worldview and the way we live. We seek to help equip our people to love through practical expressions such as serving and leading others through weakness in the context of community. Expressions of our practice are living with a mission - taking the message of the gospel into our homes, workplaces, local communities, region, and world.

    • Because we believe the Gospel gives us freedom to face our darkness and to be in process, we desire to escape the imprisonment of legalism and move toward an authentic faith cultivated through transparent relationships.

    • Because we believe discipleship is a journey not a program, we seek to primarily serve others in the context of personal relationship and community.

    • Because we believe the process of the Gospel is naturally messy and variable, we seek to demonstrate a willingness to learn through humility and submission as older believers invest into younger believers.

    • Because we understand discipleship as Christ-centered and not goal oriented, we desire to build His body and discern His character through participation in Bible study, prayer, worship, fellowship, sacraments, family chores and investing in God’s Kingdom work.

    • Because we believe discipleship is powered by faith in Christ’s work of justification and adoption, we are free and capable of moving away from self-focus to an active others focus.

    • Because we believe obedience is compelled by Christ’s love, we actively resist the desires of the flesh, seek to rest in the Gospel, and give sacrificially of our resources (time, money, and gifts) to God’s kingdom work.

    • Because we understand the world to be broken, we willingly demonstrate our growing trust in Christ by following his example of suffering and sacrifice.